FREE EBOOK -30 Powerful Ancient Christian Prayers

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Thank you for taking the time to visit my site. Please feel free to explore the different
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As a small token of my appreciation for your visit to Spiritually Grounded, I have a small gift for you.

The gift is an ebook titled ’30 Powerful Ancient Christian Prayers for the Modern Believer’. This ebook features some of the most powerful prayers by the pioneers of the ancient church. These great men of old dedicated their lives to defending the faith, studying the Holy Scripture, and attending to the needs of their flock. Their prayers are therefore a timeless treasure and an invaluable asset to anyone looking to deepen their commune with God.

You can download the ebook simply by subscribing below:

I pray that this short book helps you ignite your passion for prayer through the words and wisdom of the prayerful fathers of the early church.

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God bless


4 thoughts on “FREE EBOOK -30 Powerful Ancient Christian Prayers

  1. Hi Marco,

    I have finally caught up on all the previous posts I have missed. And my, this caught me by surprise! I’m absolutely loving the effort you put into all your posts – thank you for being an active and enthusiastic user. Thank you!!!

    I’ve put down my e-mail for the free e-book however I have not received anything – have I missed out on the deadline, or is it perhaps a glitch? Or maybe I just need to be more patient… Hahah.

    Blessed Lenten to you Marco.

    Yours truly,

    1. Hi Lauryn,
      Praying you are well. No need to thank me, I am the one thanking you for your continued support and encouragement 🙂
      Rest assured you have not missed out on the ebook, you should have received a confirmation email by now. Once you confirm your email, you’ll get a second email with a link to the ebook. This process hasn’t let me down so far, but if for whatever reason this process doesn’t work for you, let me know and I’ll get the book to you by other means.

      God bless

  2. Hello Marco,

    I just wanted to say thank you for all your efforts and tiresome work whilst putting this altogether. And of course for making this readily available for everyone world wide.

    I can’t wait to share this with my friends.

    I hope to one day get a hard copy signed!

    Please keep me in your prayers. Thank you once again!

    Your friend in Christ,

    1. Hi Lauryn,
      Wow!!! Thanks so much! I am undeserving of your compliments, but I truly appreciate your kind words.
      It is your amazing support and the support of others that really encourages and inspires me to keep going. Thanks again dear sister.

      God bless you.


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