The Mystery of Prayer

Prayer is a central spiritual practice which strengthens our faith and enriches our walk with God. We pray because the Bible places great emphasis on prayer, and the Lord Himself taught us to pray. We are aware that prayer is how we connect with God, although it may not often feel that way. But have… Continue reading The Mystery of Prayer

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St Mary – The Suffering Servant

There is no saint loved by Christians all around the world more than the Virgin Mary. Not only is she honoured as the Mother of God and the Ever Virgin, but she is a library of virtues for all believers. The mother of the Lord rightly prophesied when she proclaimed that all generations will call… Continue reading St Mary – The Suffering Servant


An Orthodox Christian Approach to Reading the Bible

Bible reading and interpretation within the Orthodox Faith differs greatly from the current Protestant and Catholic methods of interpretation. The Catholic Church for instance offers a very systematic and ordered approach to understanding the Scriptures as enforced by the hierarchy of the church. Evangelical Christians on the other hand have a more liberal view on… Continue reading An Orthodox Christian Approach to Reading the Bible