Acts of Service

Acts of ServiceHave you ever wondered how your acts of service, whether big or small, make God feel?

Any service towards others is surely pleasing to God. For in service, you minister to those whom God loves dearly; His sons and daughters.

In service you give that which is most needed, love. You become the image of God, reflecting God’s love on to a hurting world. This love mends the broken, satisfies the hungry and enriches the poor.

In service you take off your expensive cloak which is the pride of your ego, and imitate Christ by girding yourself and kneeling to wash the feet of others.

In service you offer a sacrifice. For as Christ sacrificed Himself for your sake and mine, so too is your service a sacrifice for the sake of others.

“Your service is thereby an imitation of Christ’s glorious sacrifice, sending up to the heavens a sweet aroma that is well pleasing to God.”

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