Do you know what Love is?

How wondrous is the love shared between two souls? For those fortunate enough to have loved and have been loved in return, it is an experience in life that surpasses any other. Any attempt to describe this love will fall short, for to try to verbalise love is to break it down to such a state that it becomes void of its real power. Such a love, which cannot be explained or rationalized by the language of this world, must not be from this world. This love, is merely a glimpse of the true Love that the Creator has for you and I.

We may think we know love because we have experienced a love for a husband, or daughter, mother or brother. And although such a love is not to be undermined, it is not love in its purest form, it is a love distorted by the expectations and conditions placed upon us by this world, at its best this is rather an attempt at love, or an imitation of love. We must therefore go back and discover what true love is, and partake of this love. Such a love is simply a sharing in the nature of God, our Creator, who simply is, Love.

Prayer-Created in God's Image

It is therefore not surprising that the only means of experiencing pure love is through God, and by God. One cannot experience the gentle warmth of the sun on a summer’s day without the presence of this great star. Such is the Love of God, for as Love is an attribute of God, one cannot experience this grace of Love without the presence of the Lord in our lives. We need to seek God wholeheartedly.

We ought to remove all the stains from the window of our soul and allow our Lord to shine through into our heart.

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It is our duty also to reflect His Love onto this dark world in which we live. Is this not what it means to be created in His image? Does this not remind us of our Lord’s request to be the light of the world?

You and I must recognize that we are creatures of love, for we were created out of Love, in order to love, and to be loved. (Tweet this)

This is why the most essential commandment of our Lord was to love; firstly Our Lord and God, and secondly our neighbor. Our faith is perfected in love and by Love. Such is the Christian faith!

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